Why Delta Miles Value is Constantly Shrinking - Award Chart Devaluations Are Inevitable

April 25, 2019

Back in my day a dollar bought you… The story your grandparents told you while you were growing up. Everything used to be so much cheaper when they were young. Often neglected is that their salaries were also lower. This is inflation. People feel good when their numbers increase…

Lounge access, a staple of frequent flyer programs

Business Class vs Economy - When you should pay the extra for flying business class

April 21, 2019

Why do people pay so much more for business class than economy? Flying business class is more than a cash splash or a set of instagram shots; business class exists as a value proposition from airlines to their customers. There are plenty of people that will tell you how to fly…

Perks of flying business class

Survive a Hong Kong storm - what do the storm warning signals mean?

April 20, 2019

A surprise thunderstorm struck Hong Kong this afternoon and a red storm warning signal was raised. What does this storm warning signal mean? What do the typhoon warning signals mean? Can I go outside? Here is our explanation of the storm warning signals: Typhoon Storm signals…

Taxis are everywhere in the Hong Kong urban areas

How to get over jet lag: Top tips from a frequent flyer on beating jet lag symptoms

April 19, 2019

Live on the new timezone! Eat Eat breakfast at the new time. Eat lunch at the new time. Eat dinner at the new time. When it’s 8am at your destination, crack out the bacon, eggs, and cappuccino and go nuts. Lunch, coffee, dinner, and anything else you consume should be as close to…

Jetlag makes flying west to east tough!

Fun-sized Airport Flying - A last minute flight to Fiji from Ballina

April 10, 2019

Is it time to take a holiday from Ballina? Check out Fiji, Auckland, Sydney, and Melbourne with great prices over the next 2 months. We’ve found some great deals connecting Ballina, Lismore, and surrounds with the rest of the world. Hurry get in quick, these prices won’t last…

Hurry to get in on a last minute deal for Fiji in April and May

Artificial Intelligence and the Airport - How artificial intelligence will save you time at the airport

April 09, 2019

Artificial intelligence is the next feasible wave of computing. The only thing holding it back is its unrealised value in practical applications. We are here today to provide some examples of how artificial intelligence can save you time at the airport. There are many ways in…

How to optimise the airport queue?

Fun-sized Airport Flying - Fantastic flights Newcastle (Australia) to New Delhi - May 2019

April 09, 2019

Looking for a quick May getaway from Newcastle? Thanks to Virgin Australia and Singapore Airlines, you can check out the majestic capital of India in May. Save yourself the drive to Sydney and book Newcastle to New Delhi for just over $1000! Experience Indian hospitality for a…

The Taj Mahal, easily accessible from New Delhi

Fun-sized Airport Flying - A great deal on London flights from Albury

April 08, 2019

Fun-sized airports are quick to access, quick to explore, and quick to get you to your destination. Albury is a well connected fun-sized airport being easily accessible from southern New South Wales and north eastern Victoria. We’ve found a great deal for anyone near Albury…

Fly from the fun-sized Albury airport to London in May thanks to Etihad and Virgin

Regional Airport Retreats - See the Australian countryside from Singapore in May

April 08, 2019

For anyone living in Singapore looking to explore the Australian countryside, we’ve found some great deals in May with Qantas that let you do so. A week in the New England area of New South Wales Armidale is a town of 25,000 located a long drive north of Sydney ( don’t worry…

Check out the vast expanse of Australia with great deals from Qantas

What is a fun-sized airport?

April 08, 2019

Air travel is supposed to be enjoyable. You are not stagnating; you are moving, and moving is living. Why then do we worry about the traffic to the airport, or the length of the security line, or how far away our gate is? Some of these worries can be bought away with an upper…

Champion of the fun-sized airport, a Flybe Dash-8

Fun-sized Airport Flying - Quick getaways from Mildura in April and May

April 05, 2019

We found some quick getaways for Mildura residents coming up in April and May. Check out the connections that this fun-sized airport offers: Christchurch, a long weekend for less than $500! The flight The early departure from Mildura will ensure you maximise your time in…

Hurry to get in on a last minute deal for Bali in April

Corporate travel policy - Time

April 03, 2019

What is the optimal strategy for corporate flights? Is it a factor of cost alone, should staff be compensated for inconvenience, or even rewarded for good work? Often discussed is the cheapest strategy for personal travellers: Book on a Tuesday Sunday, two three four weeks…

Business can be great value based on the time of day you're flying

Hidden City Holiday Highlights — Australia to Manila in time for Easter

April 02, 2019

Make it to Manila for Easter and get a free holiday to Vietnam Looking to get from Australia to Manila in time for Easter? Fly a few days earlier with Philippine Airlines and for a few dollars more you can add on a getaway to Vietnam. Sample Itinerary: How to book? These flights…

Explore the unique culture of Vietnam

Hidden City Holiday Highlights Departing Brisbane in May 2019

April 01, 2019

Save over $30 on your Kuala Lumpur visit by spending a weekend in Bangkok Visit the modern metropolis of Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia Airlines will give you a discount if you take a weekend excursion to Bangkok. Sample Itinerary: Google Flights shows availability with the direct BNE…

Today's highlight courtesy of Malaysia Airlines

Hidden City Holiday Highlights — Sydney-Denver-Houston

March 29, 2019

United will give you a $90 discount on Sydney to Houston if you take a side trip to Denver! Today’s hidden city holiday is aimed at Australians looking to escape their winter cold by dropping in to say on Texas and Colorado. Sydney to Houston With Denver Add in an excursion to…

Hidden city holidays courtesy of United Airlines