Today's highlight courtesy of Malaysia Airlines
Today's highlight courtesy of Malaysia Airlines

Hidden City Holiday Highlights Departing Brisbane in May 2019

Updated April 01, 2019 by Allie

Save over $30 on your Kuala Lumpur visit by spending a weekend in Bangkok

Visit the modern metropolis of Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia Airlines will give you a discount if you take a weekend excursion to Bangkok.

Sample Itinerary:

The regular trip:
Brisbane to Kuala Lumpur - MH134 08 May (Wed)
Kuala Lumpur to Brisbane - MH141+QF556 26 May (Sun)
Approx. Au $872
Adding an excursion:
Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok - MH784 09 May (Thurs)
Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur - MH797 13 May (Mon)
Approx. Au $802 ($70 cheaper!)

Google Flights shows availability with the direct BNE->KUL flight on 26 May, however this isn’t selectable on Malaysia Airline’s website.

How to book?

Malaysia Airlines has multicity booking on their website. Simply type in a city pair then click Multicity to select the dates. We generated our quote using BNE->BKK | BKK->KUL | KUL->BNE.

What is a hidden city holiday?

You’re planning an upcoming trip and searching for the cheapest fare. Using your original destination city as a transit point can sometimes be cheaper, such as in hidden city ticketing. Rather than throwaway the remainder of the ticket, why not book it as an extra excursion while you’re at your destination? This is a hidden city holiday.