Hidden city holidays courtesy of United Airlines
Hidden city holidays courtesy of United Airlines

Hidden City Holiday Highlights — Sydney-Denver-Houston

Updated March 29, 2019 by Allie

United will give you a $90 discount on Sydney to Houston if you take a side trip to Denver!

Today’s hidden city holiday is aimed at Australians looking to escape their winter cold by dropping in to say on Texas and Colorado.

Sydney to Houston

Base fare

With Denver

Add in an excursion to Denver and the price drops!

Denver excursion

Miles earn

United MileagePlus awards by spend. As adding Denver to the itinerary reduces the price, the miles earn is also reduced.

SYD-IAH: 4195

How to book

United offers a very friendly multi-city booking tool available on their website.

What is a hidden city holiday?

As in hidden city ticketing, where a ticket is bought to take advantage of cheaper pricing on an indirect flight between two cities, a hidden city holiday is where the additional city on the ticket is a fun excursion from your main destination. Flying “via” one city to another can be a great way to visit both cities, even if your transit time is longer than your the time you spend at your destination.