Jetlag makes flying west to east tough!
Jetlag makes flying west to east tough!

How to get over jet lag: Top tips from a frequent flyer on beating jet lag symptoms

Updated April 19, 2019 by CJ

Live on the new timezone!


Eat breakfast at the new time.

Eat lunch at the new time.

Eat dinner at the new time.

When it’s 8am at your destination, crack out the bacon, eggs, and cappuccino and go nuts. Lunch, coffee, dinner, and anything else you consume should be as close to the new time as possible to help you adjust. It will also help you sleep.


Sleep is the real cure for jet lag. Jet lag has two causes:

  • lack of or interrupted sleep, and
  • not being able to sleep at the correct time (leading to less hours asleep).

How to cure jet lag then? Get more sleep!

Hopefully you’re using our tips from previous posts to help you sleep on the plane and get over jet lag.


Hand in hand with eating, exposure to the UV warmth of the sun will help your body adjust to sleeping at the new time.

Hopefully your destination shares some sunlight hours with where you’re departing from.


How long does it take to get over jet lag?

You can budget 1 day per hour of time difference to completely adjust to the new time. Flying from New York to Los Angeles? Allow 3 days for how long it takes to get over jet lag.