Perks of flying business class
Perks of flying business class

Business Class vs Economy - When you should pay the extra for flying business class

Updated April 21, 2019 by CJ

Why do people pay so much more for business class than economy? Flying business class is more than a cash splash or a set of instagram shots; business class exists as a value proposition from airlines to their customers.

There are plenty of people that will tell you how to fly business class. They will also tell you the what of business class (food, lounge, seat, instagram shot etc). We’re here to tell you the why of business class.

Flying business class is better for you because it:

  • Reduces stress, and
  • Increases productivity

When you are figuring out if business class is worth it, ask yourself how much you value these.

Reduced Stress

Priority Baggage

Your bag will be amongst the first to come out on to the belt. Frequent flyers dread all the time lost to baggage. If you can’t avoid checked baggage, the next best thing is to not have to wait long for it on the belt.

Priority Boarding

You can board at your leisure. First or last. You also don’t have to worry about overhead bin space; less seats means less people competing for bin space.

Greater Flexibility

Business class tickets often come with a bit of flexibility to change to a different flight. If your plans change, the airline can help accomodate you.

Increased Productivity


So you don’t lose time at your destination, so that you can jump straight in to that important meeting, business class tickets get you a bigger seat often designed for sleep. On long haul flights, sleep is important for reducing jet lag. Flying business class allows you to spend more time asleep and achieve better quality sleep.

Lounge Access

The airport lounge is a great place to get work done. You have space and amenities to help you think, stay productive, and not waste time.

More Space

Business class seats are designed to give you more space to work, more space to sleep, and more space to concentrate

Less Noise

Not many people are willing to pay the difference in price of business class vs economy for children. Fewer still pay it for a baby. Even if young-ones are on board, chances are there’s more space between you and them. Business class is quieter.

Less queues

When flying business class, you spend less time waiting for things. There is less queueing to check in, to board, and even for the toilet. You waste less time and get to put that time to soemthing productive.

You can get many of these benefits in economy

Fly often with one airline, or their partners, and they will reward you with some of these perks.

For example, if you accrue 50,000 “Elite miles” with Singapore Airlines you will attain Gold status which will give you:

  • Priority baggage
  • Priority boarding
  • Lounge access