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Where are you going

Secrets of global flying - Sleeping on the new timezone

Updated February 11, 2019 by CJ

Sleep as if you were at your destination and your brain won’t even realise it’s jetlagged.

The continuity of sleep, both on the plane and when you arrive at your destination, is a necessity here.

Sleep at the new timezone!

If you are in London (somewhat UTC +0), travelling to Hong Kong (UTC +8):

  • Normal wake up in London: 07:00
  • Which corresponds to 15:00 in Hong Kong
  • If you wake up earlier before your flight, you are naturally awake earlier when you reach Hong Kong

Normal routine

Comparing London with Hong Kong for your daily rhythm:

Activity London Hong Kong
Breakfast 07:00am 15:00pm
Morning tea/coffee 10:00am 18:00pm
Lunch 13:00pm 21:00pm
Dinner 19:00pm 03:00am

Transition routine

The adjusted time in this example is still compatible with a 9-5 job in London.

Activity London Hong Kong
Breakfast 04:00am 12:00pm
Morning tea/coffee 07:00am 15:00pm
Lunch 10:00am 18:00pm
Dinner 16:00pm 00:00am

While it’s not a perfect shift (not many people eat dinner at midnight) it will help you get in to the rhythm of the destination.

Every hour of time difference takes a day to adjust, each day you’re available, try waking up that little bit earlier.