Before you board, take care of hygiene to feel better when you arrive
Before you board, take care of hygiene to feel better when you arrive

8 tips for long haul flying that will have you feeling refreshed when you arrive

Updated February 10, 2019 by CJ

These are my survival strategies for long haul economy class travel:

1. Brush your teeth

Particularly towards the end of the flight. Hygiene will help you feel refreshed.

2. Sleep well

Try to sleep for a multiple of 90 minutes.

Sleep to match the sleep-wake cycle of your destination, this can help you overcome jetlag.

3. Take a shower

Between the flight, the wait, and the commute to and from airports, chances are you haven’t showered in a while. Hygiene is a common theme to feeling better about long haul flying.

Airport showers, paid or complimentary, are often underutilised.

4. Wash your face

Not everyone has the opportunity to take a shower. Wash your face instead.

5. Drink water

Not beer. Not wine. Not tea or coffee (though caffiene can help you overcome jetlag). Drink water!

Planes are dry and staying well hydrated is important.

Needing to use the toilet will also give you a good opportunity to stretch your legs.

6. Eye mask and ear plugs

Some airlines provide them, even in economy. If your airline doesn’t, bring your own. The crack of light from a nearby window shade that wasn’t properly closed and the baby screaming three rows away will seem less of a hassle.

7. Take off your shoes

Your feet swell during a flight, take off your shoes and let your feet breathe.

Remember good hygiene though:

  • Change your socks - airlines may provide you with a pair, or bring your own
  • Put your shoes on to go to the toilet (trust me)
  • Take a shower before you fly!

8. Eat

Frequent flyers complain they eat too much. Eating helps you sleep, and helps you adjust to the new timezone.

9. Bonus tip: Smile!

You’re travelling somewhere and that’s filled with excitement. Your life is not stagnant, you are moving. You can see new things, or reacquaint with the old. Smile because you are alive.